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7 Ways Links Influence Search Rank 7 Ways Links Influence Search Rank


7 Ways Links Influence Search Rank

It is predicted that the future link building scam offers will promise to take care linking issues for sites, for them to regain its position in Google.

However, not all of them will be scam. It is not impossible to get rid of sufficient spammy links from the website and make it eligible again for Google.

Prior of starting the pain-sticking process of eliminating all bad links, you should understand that there are numerous other reasons as well which caused your site to drop in the rankings. Your website’s links are not always directly related to the ranking of your site and ranking penalty or removal are not always caused by Google warning messages.

These unnatural links are not newly discovered by Google, it’s just Google has decided to notify you about them.

Obviously, Google will not reveal you the precise URLs they suspect of being unnatural. Google doesn’t want to warn link networks that they were spotted until all suspicious links are found.
Below are just seven situations that could change the ranking of your website:

1. Competitor sites have obtained extra valid high trust link for the superiority of their content

This is certainly the most pleasant situation, as there is no cheating involved and your competitor has higher quality content.

In order to regain your former rankings you can:
– find other high trust links for your website’s content;
– publish quality content to attract more links;
– cheat and eventually get into trouble.

2. Google’s Algorithmic Signals Were Updated

Google’s algorithm is updated quite frequently adjust the way pages, text, links are scored.

Maybe you’ve had Rank No.4 when something unique was considered very important. However, your site will drop if the signal strength for that particular signal is modified by Google.

3. A Valid Website Pointing to Your Website Has Been Closed Down

Websites and web pages sometimes are shut down for various reasons. Trusted websites make no exception. Links from website that are closed down are not taken in consideration by Google.

4. You Played Fair, but Your Competitor Cheated and Has Obtained a Higher Ranking

This can be extremely disturbing, especially if you are convinced that your competitor’s link building tactics are based on cheating and it is obvious that has low quality content. Should you just wait and let Google to discover and drop the bad links? In most cases, this is the best idea, as bad links are frequently detected by Google.

5. Google Decreased the Value of Sites Pointing to your Site and Which Helped You Achieve a Higher Ranking

This is not very easy to explain and for that we have to go back in time when Google decided to bring down the value of directory links.

Such directory links were not actual bad links. The submittal of a website to several directories to get a higher ranking was not cheating at all. However, eventually Google had enough of these link directories which only existed to monetize the link building rush and started to simply ignore links from low quality link directories. These directories did not exist anymore for Google. Even if you had over 200 links from directories, from the time Google decided not to consider anymore, your site lost all credits provided by those links.

That was not a penalty, it was just the consequence of Google’s decision not to give importance to those questionable quality directories.

6. You Used Spammy Linking Tactics and Got Caught

If you purchased anchor text links with high Pagerank or took part in link network and your website has been compromised, that’s it, you have to face the consequences. But, you should try to clean your sites from such links.

7. Your Website Has Been Attacked by Malicious Negative SEO

Although, this seldom occurs, it does happen sometimes. There are people who claim they have done nothing wrong and they are only victims of negative SEO attacks.

However, the negative effect on your ranking should not last for long, but you should in all cases contact Google about your particular case.

These are only seven possible situations that can affect the rank of your website. Several others can also be responsible for it.

It is often recommended not do anything till you see a change in your rankings. A letter about unnatural links from Google doesn’t necessarily mean that your site will be penalized.

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Stop Using These 10 SEO Methods – They Are Too Old

Stop Using These 10 SEO Methods - They Are Too Old

Below you can see 10 SEO methods that were considered old. But will you agree with them? In the past, many of these methods really worked and perhaps it’s too before time to dismiss them.

1. Article Submissions

If you use a certain word too many times when you talk about SEO — stop this right now. Even before Panda was launched it wasn’t very good idea.
Build relationships with bloggers and work with writing guest posts. This can add rating to a site and community as it benefits with exposure to the audience and probably can build qualitative references from an authoritative site.

2. Publishing press releases without news

You may be sure: there’s more to PR than just a press release. If you publish a press releases for the purpose of links alone you may be sure – it is a waste of time. Instead of this, try doing newsworthy and good things.

3. Link Exchanges

Consider a link to be some kind of an endorsement. A link should make a sense and help the visitor by pointing him to additional resources or related material that will be relevant.
If there is a good content on a site, that can help you or your readers – it is worth linking to this site.

4. Making weak content

There is nothing else to be explained – Google’s algorithms done a little work. Great content can drive great links. Be reasonable.

5. Too much automation

Very often automation is considered to be an easy way for companies when they want to be social but not too much. They know that it is important but don’t imagine the real role of it. Of course, tools can be useful given the right circumstances. You must learn them and use wisely.

6. Passing by social signals

Well, now we have social sharing buttons on sites and most blogs. But, unfortunately, many site owners ignore the importance of these social signals. If you have feedback from your users it plays a great part for search.

7. Having tactics without a plan

Very shortly: have your strategy planned out and work your plan. Do testings all the time and repeat it.

8. Focusing on rankings

Don’t be too much concerned about rankings – if you listen to the items above and perform that well – you will have good PR without all reports.

9. Focusing only on one search engine

Change how many organic traffic comes from Google and what percentage. And from other search engines? Sometimes the figures are not so good. That is why, create a plan with diverse traffic portfolio.

10. Disregarding design

A user can judge about a site only having looked at the design. In other words – your website says a lot about you and your brand. Hire a workmanlike designer. Guide him, but don’t do the designing. Because you didn’t hire him only to use tools you can’t use. Allow him the freedom and he will make something great for you.
And additionally – hire a great SEO. This person will do everything that is needed to do in regards to the search engines as well.
What do you think about these methods? Are they really old?

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Is Personalized Search A Boon or A Ban – A Report from Statistical Survey

Is Personalized Search A Boon or A Ban – A Report from Statistical Survey

Search engines are really a boon for the billions of internet users. Yet, the major controversy arises with the introduction of personalized search by the leading search engine, Google. Followed by the Google, Bing also enabled personalized search. Both these search engines claim that they offer much better results through the personalized search. However, the new concept has received the mixed reviews from the users. Around 65% of the users tend to be careless about the better results. When it comes to the privacy, more than 75% of the users have a sensation that it is not good, as it peeks into the privacy of an individual.

The negative report about the privacy invasion by personalized search has been put forth by the survey results. The survey was organized by Pew Internet & American Life project and an approximate of 2000 US citizens were participated in the survey, which is just a part of the global survey regarding the usage of search engines.

The brief report on the survey result about the outcomes they derive using the personalized search. 65% of the participants felt that it is not worth as it limits the survey and gives irrelevant results, where as 30% of the participants felt that the new concept is really excellent and it offers superb and relevant results. The remaining participants had no idea on the results of personalized search.

Further, 56% youngsters are not comfortable with the personalized search results. On the contrary, more than 70% elderly people reported that they can find appropriate information and feel comfortable with personalized search.

Additionally, the survey focused on the level of privacy affected by the personalized search offered by the search engines. Surprisingly, around 70% of the users sensed the lack of privacy, as the search is more likely to gather information about the users. However, others had no concerns about sharing the information and privacy concerns.

However, just with the results of Pew, it cannot be concluded that the personalized search should be withdrawn, because the survey doesn’t include opinion and reviews of the yesteryear users. It shows that the current generation doesn’t like this concept. The surprising and shocking fact is that personalized search engine has become the vital part and the basic norm at the Google for the past couple of years and the same is applicable on Bing for the previous one year.

Both these search engine offer the personalized search engine results even if the user doesn’t log into any of these search engines. Owing to these controversial results, Google has revealed a beautiful and self explanatory post explaining the benefits of using the personalized search. It was also stated that the personalized search engine results are incorporated merely for earning revenue, which cannot be neglected.

Even though the personalized search engine results tend to affect the privacy, it has some benefits to the users.

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