Killzone 3 for PS3

Although the game says that the power of Playstation robust process used, there are moments in the game in which the flow is transmitted on small problems. Moreover, the sequence can take a break if Sev is not the right direction.

Killzone 3 does a great job levels are distinguished. Levels between the foot and the level of the vehicle, the game will change gradually. Each series of freedom of action in the game is quite addictive. Design and the visual complexity of Killzone 3 makes a plot interesting and fun, even if not developed. Use the right time rhythm and incredible action scenes of the campaign makes this game a must-have for all fans of photography with the PS3. The disadvantage of Killzone 3 is a one-dimensional characters. The hero, Sev, the leader of Helghast bad, the traces of all the characters are consistent. Dynamics of the player to experience compassion or empathy for the characters in this game. In the original Killzone, Templar, the captain was a popular figure, and well kept. However, there are few sympathetic characters in this game.