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Killzone 3 for PS3 Killzone 3 for PS3


Killzone 3 for PS3

Although the game says that the power of Playstation robust process used, there are moments in the game in which the flow is transmitted on small problems. Moreover, the sequence can take a break if Sev is not the right direction.

Killzone 3 does a great job levels are distinguished. Levels between the foot and the level of the vehicle, the game will change gradually. Each series of freedom of action in the game is quite addictive. Design and the visual complexity of Killzone 3 makes a plot interesting and fun, even if not developed. Use the right time rhythm and incredible action scenes of the campaign makes this game a must-have for all fans of photography with the PS3. The disadvantage of Killzone 3 is a one-dimensional characters. The hero, Sev, the leader of Helghast bad, the traces of all the characters are consistent. Dynamics of the player to experience compassion or empathy for the characters in this game. In the original Killzone, Templar, the captain was a popular figure, and well kept. However, there are few sympathetic characters in this game.

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5 Tips to Stomp Computer Foes

5 Tips to Stomp Computer Foes.

Tip #1.

Get you some epic music! – No joke, pal. You have to get yourself in the zone. Pop in some earth-shatteringly good tracks – lyrics or no lyrics. Whatever gets you pumped. Example

Tip #2.

Handle early pressure – These mother-truckers are out for blood so by ten minutes into the game make sure you have archers, basic melee units, or watchtowers covering your ass…ets.

Tip #3.

“Come at me, bro!” – Unless you just want to lose slowly, play offensively. ‘Nuff said.

Tip #4.

Help a brotha out – If you’re playing with a computer ally, help him out if he’s getting trashed. Losing a computer ally in a heated match is almost as bad as losing your manhood [or womanhood] in a skiing accident! Back that dude, up!

Tip #5.

Spend that cash and do something! – This is a two for one tip, you lucky dog! There is no point collecting resources for the sake of collecting resources. Harvest resources and spend them simultaneously; before you know it you’ll have a bad-to-the-bone army.. and the best part is you’ll keep having a large bad-to-the-bone army because you’re replacing them faster than they’re dying.

Don’t just stare at your base getting bombarded or your units taking damage. DO SOMETHING build something, retreat, make more units, change rally points. The point here is to get out of the habit of just staring at the screen while you click nothing during key moments.
And there you have it folks. Post your results, comments and praise.

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7 Steps To Be a Tzar Master

7 Steps To Be a Tzar Master

Step 1.

Play Online – There’s no question about it; if you want to get better you must play online with other Tzar contenders. The computer is just way too predictable. You can use TzarCommunicator /Hamachi or Gameranger in most cases.

Step 2.

Play [more] Often – Trust me on this one, the more frequently you play, the easier it will be for you to recognize pitfalls in your play and what works for you.

Step 3.

Watch Demos – This one is especially true because you can adapt or counter specific builds by watching the demo again and again. More about watching demos here. Some good demo packs to start with are blackman’s January pack and Gabriel’s Asian Demos. More about managing your demos can be found here.

Step 4.

Use Hotkeys – Hotkeys are especially helpful when you have them standardized for all of your games. Hotkeying buildings can also be a make it or break it skill to have. More about hotkeying here

Step 5.

Press F4 – If you don’t know what F4 does in Tzar, it’s no wonder you lose to easy computers. Open up Tzar and you’ll see exactly how this can help you.

Step 6.

Spend Your Resources! – I realized this when I was watching ‘pro’ players. Have gold? Spend it. Resources do absolutely nothing for you if they’re not spent. Find a good way to spend your resources to keep them relatively low (while still harvesting plenty). Some examples are: Building more barracks and units if your food and stone are high, and building units if you have population potential. Conversely, you can build peasants if you have a lot of food but you need wood, stone, or gold. In my most recent demos, you’ll see me doing these things. You will overwhelm any opponent who doesn’t understand this concept just by the sheer production advantage.

Step 7.

Read – Congratulations, you’re already performing this step by reading content that will improve your skill at Tzar. There are also resources like the Tips and Tactics Section and great guides like Gabriel’s Art of War that provide a great deal of insight.
Thanks for reading and we wish you all the best in becoming a better Tzar Player in the year.

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