5 Tips to Stomp Computer Foes

5 Tips to Stomp Computer Foes.
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Tip #1.

Get you some epic music! – No joke, pal. You have to get yourself in the zone. Pop in some earth-shatteringly good tracks – lyrics or no lyrics. Whatever gets you pumped. Example

Tip #2.

Handle early pressure – These mother-truckers are out for blood so by ten minutes into the game make sure you have archers, basic melee units, or watchtowers covering your ass…ets.

Tip #3.

“Come at me, bro!” – Unless you just want to lose slowly, play offensively. ‘Nuff said.

Tip #4.

Help a brotha out – If you’re playing with a computer ally, help him out if he’s getting trashed. Losing a computer ally in a heated match is almost as bad as losing your manhood [or womanhood] in a skiing accident! Back that dude, up!

Tip #5.

Spend that cash and do something! – This is a two for one tip, you lucky dog! There is no point collecting resources for the sake of collecting resources. Harvest resources and spend them simultaneously; before you know it you’ll have a bad-to-the-bone army.. and the best part is you’ll keep having a large bad-to-the-bone army because you’re replacing them faster than they’re dying.

Don’t just stare at your base getting bombarded or your units taking damage. DO SOMETHING build something, retreat, make more units, change rally points. The point here is to get out of the habit of just staring at the screen while you click nothing during key moments.
And there you have it folks. Post your results, comments and praise.

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