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How does Playstation Gift Card Work

Playstation gift cards are designed to top up your account in the digital Playstation Store. Funds in the Playstation gift card UK can be used to pay for services and goods by users who have a primary account registered in the PlayStation Store. Use PlayStation Sony systems for this purpose. 

How can you activate cards?

You can activate prepaid card codes from your console or personal computer using the account management interface or the PlayStation Store:

  • Log in to your PlayStation Store account.
  • Select Redemption Codes.
  • Enter the 12-digit code.
  • Click Confirm and then Continue.

When redeeming a card, an amount equal to its face value is credited to the PlayStation Network account. Unspent funds have a limited validity period – 24 calendar months from the date of their placement in the wallet, after which they will be automatically cancelled!

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What happens after you buy PSN UK gift card? When redeeming gift cards, you will become a subscriber to the PlayStation service and get access to advanced gaming features and special offers that apply to materials for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PS TV systems.

If you have an active existing subscription and activate another card, they will be added together. An activated subscription will not start until the first one ends. For example, if you buy two 3-month subscriptions, you will get six months of PlayStation Plus subscription.

The whole process is automated. The purchased product is immediately sent to your email address indicated during the purchase. Thus, any purchase takes a minimum of time. You get the product you bought in a matter of seconds.

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