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How to Download Opera Mini for Android

Opera Mini is a special version of the browser designed for mobile phones and tablets on Android and iOS. Its key advantages are low load on the device and an efficient mode for saving Internet traffic. Over time, developers introduce new features and capabilities into the application that not all users like. But this is not the only reason why people are trying to figure out how to download opera mini for android phone.

Installation procedure

Traditionally, the Android platform provides two methods for installing applications and video downloader. The first one is the most common and convenient for most users. This, of course, is about downloading through the Google Play Market software store. But the second method associated with apk files will be much more applicable.

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Installation instructions:

  • Download the required version of the browser from the link.
  • Next, move the received document with the apk extension to the memory of your mobile device, for example, via a USB connection. Any other method will do.
  • Now open it with the provided file manager.
  • You will most likely see a security warning window. To get rid of it, go to the settings menu and enable installation from unknown sources.
  • Return to the previous window.
  • Tap on the “Install” button.
  • Wait for the procedure to complete.
  • Launch Opera in any convenient way.
  • Go through the initial setup.

By installing Opera mini, you will realize that it has a number of advantages, among which are high speed and traffic savings.

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Always high speed

Speed ​​in Opera Mini is everything. The browser compresses and optimizes the content that comes to you, so web pages load faster even with a slow Internet connection.

Significant traffic savings

Save up to 90% on your traffic and load web pages faster even on slow networks. The Smart Browsing feature automatically selects the optimal web browsing mode.

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