Stop Using These 10 SEO Methods – They Are Too Old

Stop Using These 10 SEO Methods - They Are Too Old
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Below you can see 10 SEO methods that were considered old. But will you agree with them? In the past, many of these methods really worked and perhaps it’s too before time to dismiss them.

1. Article Submissions

If you use a certain word too many times when you talk about SEO — stop this right now. Even before Panda was launched it wasn’t very good idea.
Build relationships with bloggers and work with writing guest posts. This can add rating to a site and community as it benefits with exposure to the audience and probably can build qualitative references from an authoritative site.

2. Publishing press releases without news

You may be sure: there’s more to PR than just a press release. If you publish a press releases for the purpose of links alone you may be sure – it is a waste of time. Instead of this, try doing newsworthy and good things.

3. Link Exchanges

Consider a link to be some kind of an endorsement. A link should make a sense and help the visitor by pointing him to additional resources or related material that will be relevant.
If there is a good content on a site, that can help you or your readers – it is worth linking to this site.

4. Making weak content

There is nothing else to be explained – Google’s algorithms done a little work. Great content can drive great links. Be reasonable.

5. Too much automation

Very often automation is considered to be an easy way for companies when they want to be social but not too much. They know that it is important but don’t imagine the real role of it. Of course, tools can be useful given the right circumstances. You must learn them and use wisely.

6. Passing by social signals

Well, now we have social sharing buttons on sites and most blogs. But, unfortunately, many site owners ignore the importance of these social signals. If you have feedback from your users it plays a great part for search.

7. Having tactics without a plan

Very shortly: have your strategy planned out and work your plan. Do testings all the time and repeat it.

8. Focusing on rankings

Don’t be too much concerned about rankings – if you listen to the items above and perform that well – you will have good PR without all reports.

9. Focusing only on one search engine

Change how many organic traffic comes from Google and what percentage. And from other search engines? Sometimes the figures are not so good. That is why, create a plan with diverse traffic portfolio.

10. Disregarding design

A user can judge about a site only having looked at the design. In other words – your website says a lot about you and your brand. Hire a workmanlike designer. Guide him, but don’t do the designing. Because you didn’t hire him only to use tools you can’t use. Allow him the freedom and he will make something great for you.
And additionally – hire a great SEO. This person will do everything that is needed to do in regards to the search engines as well.
What do you think about these methods? Are they really old?

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