The Computer Dilemma

The Computer Dilemma
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Last week I suffered two virus attacks to my laptop. Yes, I said suffered because I have become one with my computer and the world wide web. I talk with my friends, family, and blog readers through Facebook, Twitter, Windows Messenger, and most important: email!

I check my email at least 25 times a day. A little email giddy I know, but if I don’t, it piles up and I miss out on stuff. And I don’t like missing out on stuff!

Well, back to the dreaded virus. While I was going through the motions of having someone remove it and upgrade my windows, I lost the setup for my printer/scanner. The printer works but now I can’t scan and upload anything. I want a wireless scanner and printer anyway so I would not have to leave wherever I am at home to hook up to my printer. It’s a modern day pain but I am grateful for having such a nice printer that was a gift!

Recently, I was at the Wal-mart, better known as Wally World, and was looking around in their electronics department in search of a new printer with a scanner. I came across a very nice looking printer that was compact, matched my decor, and had all the bells and whistles but no price. I looked above , below, to the left and to the right but no price for this model. So, I loaded it up and rolled it over to the check out stand for a price check.

As I waited on the two customers ahead of me to complete their purchases, another sales associate came up to me and commented on the printer I had in the cart. I mentioned that I could not find a price and he instantly whipped out this hand gun thing-a-ma-jig and squeezed the trigger. Voila, the price was more than I cared to pay for it but it was amazing that I could get the info I needed that easily.

Being a gadget guru, I looked up the model of the scanner used at the store but couldn’t find it. I did find one quite similar to it.

Now the mommies and primary shoppers of the world could use one of these that works on a universal bar coding system to identify the price of any and everything that is not listed as it should be!

Now to find the printer I want at the price I’m willing to pay. Believe me, I’m not holding my breath about finding it!

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